Photo montage of villages

Uttoxeter Rural Parish

Parish Map
The Uttoxeter Rural Parish boundary

The Parish was created in 1974 under The Local Government Act of 1972.

The Parish Council serves a very large rural area of 2,787 hectares (marked white on the map) that borders the South, West and North of Uttoxeter Town Council Parish.

When the Parish was created, dairy farming dominated the rural areas. Today, like many parts of the UK, dairy farming has been replaced by beef cattle, sheep and arable and there are only six dairy farms remaining. There has also been a move to creating smallholdings and stables.

As a result of these farming changes, the rural picture is changing to facilitate larger farm buildings that can be utilised with modern farm machinery. A large amount of work is done by contractors who have the latest machinery.

These changes have led to many older farm buildings becoming redundant. To meet housing demands some have been converted into houses and this trend is continuing.

There has been a large demand for land from the parish for industrial use. JCB World Parts and JCB Heavy Products are sited at Beamhurst. The Uttoxeter Quarry is sited at Spath.

The main residential villages of Bramshall and Stramshall enjoy a quiet country style of living, and being only two miles from Uttoxeter are well placed for amenities. There is also a regular bus service and easy access to the A50.