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JCB donate £500 towards Defib project

A campaign to collect funds for a pair of potentially life-saving defibrillators for villages near to Uttoxeter has received a £500 boost from JCB. The company has donated the money to Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council so it can buy two machines which will be located at Bramshall and Stramshall village halls. The equipment is used to give a high-energy electric shock to someone suffering from a cardiac arrest. Defibrillators can restore a more stable heart rhythm and have proved essential in saving lives.
Chair of Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council Jean Pattison-Evans said: “Defibrillators have been the key to saving many lives and are an absolutely vital tool in enabling people to respond quickly and effectively in a medical emergency. “Members of the parish council, and in particular Councillor Tom Ollerenshaw who has spearheaded the campaign, are delighted that JCB has chosen to so generously support our efforts to fund two defibrillators in the Uttoxeter area. We strongly believe they could make a real difference to the outcome if someone suffers a cardiac arrest.”
Councillor David Oulsnam visited JCB World Headquarters to collect the cheque from Steve Ovens.

L G Woodward donate £50 to Defib project

LG Woodward, Balance Street, Uttoxeter kindly donated £50 towards the Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council Defibrillator project.

Len Woodward said, “When we were approached with regards to funding for this life saving project, we did not hesitate to make a donation, our customers live in the local area and we are delighted to be able help support the Parish Councils efforts”.

LG Woodward have been supplying electrical services to the community for years and have also added high quality gifts/interior items to their shop. It means that not only can you get your house re-wired, buy a cooker or fridge freezer from them, but also purchase some wonderful interior design items for your home too.

Cllr Jean Pattinson-Evans, Chair of the Parish Council, was presented with the cheque yesterday by Len and said, “This kind donation from your company, will be added to the growing number of funds received from businesses in the area and we will soon be able to install the equipment in Bramshall and Stramshall villages”.


John German donate £400 to Defib project

The Uttoxeter branch of John German Estate Agents, has kindly donated £400 towards the Defibrillator Project that Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council has initiated. As local residents of Bramshall and Stramshall, Matt Slater, Branch Manager and James Morgan, Director explained, “We are very committed to community projects and when approached by the Parish Clerk to make a donation, we did not hesitate to pledge our support”.

John German Estate Agents and Chartered Surveyors have been working tirelessly for over 175 years to ensure that moving house in the midlands is straightforward and professionally managed. Their long history of helping residents ensures they are aware of all the communities needs and were delighted by the approach from Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council to become involved in this life saving equipment campaign.

The two Defibrillators will be located at Stramshall and Bramshall Village Halls, which are at the heart of the villages and as John German has handled many of the sales in these villages, they felt they were giving something extra to their customers.

Cllr Jean Pattinson-Evans, Chair of the Parish Council, who received the donation from Matt Slater said, “John German has been extremely generous to the Parish Council with this £400 donation and has ensured this community project will become a reality sooner than we thought, the Parish Councillors are grateful to John German for their kind support and commitment to the residents of our parish”.

Visit John German, Uttoxeter,


Knights 4 Uttoxeter donate £1000 to Defib project

Ian Cruddas from Knights 4 Uttoxeter presented Cllr David Oulsnam from Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council, with a cheque for £1000 today towards the fund raising for the Defib project that Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council are running.

The Defibrillators will be located on Stramshall and Bramshall Village Halls, once the fund raising is complete.

Cllr Oulsnam said, “This donation will be a huge help towards the total that we need to raise and we are extremely grateful to the Knights 4 Uttoxeter for their help”.

Ian Cruddas explained, “ Knights 4 Uttoxeter was set up in 2014 to specifically help the residents in Uttoxeter and the villages within a 5 mile radius. We believe these Defibrillators are essential for village locations and when approached by Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council, we did not hesitate to donate.”

RP George donated £50 towards Defib project


Mr Carr and his colleague from RP George, Bramshall Industrial Estate presented Cllr Dick Jones with a cheque for £50 towards Defibrillator project. Mr Carr said, “ RP George are grateful that the Parish Council are funding raising for this community defibrillator and are happy to help”.

Cllr Dick Jones thanked Mr Carr and explained, “ The Parish Council are keen to install a defibrillator on both Bramshall and Stramshall Village Halls, in order that local residents can benefit from this life saving equipment”.

Pym and Wildsmith donate £100 to Defib project

Pym and Wildsmith, Bramshall Industrial Estate, Bramshall have kindly donated £100 towards the Defibrillator Project. The Parish Council will install two defibrillators, one on Bramshall Village Hall and one on Stramshall Village Hall, once all the funds have been raised.

Cllr Dick Jones was presented with the cheque by Marie Pym-Eaton today and said, “ Our company values the local community and are happy to be able to help”.

Cllr Jones thanked Marie and added, “ Pym and Wildsmith have made a valued contribution to this community project and the Parish Council are extremely grateful for your support”.

Stramshall Climbing Frame is now open

John Whittaker who was granted Freedom of the Parish by Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council officially opened the Climbing Frame at Stramshall Playing Fields yesterday, 15th July 2017.

The Councillors were joined by Tesco and East Staffordshire Borough Council to celebrate the event. Plus the local Scouts, Cubs and Beavers came along to test if the climbing frame was fit for purpose and Stramshall villagers joined in to celebrate this new addition to the play area.

Everyone was thrilled at the new facility in the village and are grateful to Tesco, JCB and East Staffordshire Borough Council for providing the funding to make this project a reality.

Mrs Jean Pattinson-Evans, Chair of Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council, said, ” We are delighted to have been able to achieve a new climbing frame for the children of the Parish and hope they enjoy it all summer”. She also added, ” We are grateful to Tesco Bags of Help, JCB and East Staffordshire Borough Council for providing support and funds for this climbing frame and also to Creative Play UK, NJ Boulton and Ian Davies(Bramshall) for supplying and installing a wonderful climbing frame. We would also like to thank McDonalds for providing Fruit Juice and Fresh Fruit for the children on the day.”




This Saturday – Stramshall Climbing Frame opening – 10.30am

Come along to celebrate the new equipment at Stramshall Play Area, Creighton Lane, Stramshall.

Boultons Skip Hire donate £50 to Defib Project

Boultons Skip Hire, Bramshall have kindly donated £50 towards the Defib project for the Parish.

Emma said, ” The community is very important to our company and so we were delighted to be asked to donate”.

The Parish Council thanked Boultons Skip Hire for their donation towards this life saving initiative.


Free activities for 11-17yr olds in July and August 2017

Howdens Joinery Co donate £300 to Defib project


Michelle from Howdens Joinery Company, Eastfields Road, Dovefields Industrial Estate, Uttoxeter, have made a kind donation of £300 towards the Parish Council Defibrillators Project.

Michelle from Howdens presented Jean Pattinson-Evans, Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council’s Chairperson, the cheque today.

Michelle said,”Howdens are committed to the community and are thrilled to be able to help the project”.

Jean Pattinson-Evans expressed the Parish Councils thanks to Michelle and the team at Howdens for their fantastic support.