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Casual Vacancy on Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council

NOTICE OF CASUAL VACANCY – Local Government Act 1972 S.87(2)
– UTTOXETER RURAL PARISH COUNCIL has been advised by East Staffordshire Borough Council(ESBC) that a casual vacancy is available on the Parish Council.

Andy O’Brien, ESBC Returning Officer confirmed the Casual Vacancy on the 4th April 2019.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, please read the qualification criteria below from the Local Government Act 1972 s79:
(a) on that day he/she is and thereafter he/she continues to be a local government elector for the area of the authority; or
(b) he/she has during the whole of the twelve months preceding that day occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in that area; or
(c) his/her principal or only place of work during that twelve months has been in that area; or
(d) he/she has during the whole of those twelve months resided in that area; or
(e) in the case of a member of a parish or community council he/she has during the whole of those twelve months resided either in the parish or community or within three miles of it.
Please see list of qualities below to give you an understanding of the competency for a parish councillor and read the Good Councillor guide pdf which can be viewed on the Parish Council website –

Experience, Skills, Knowledge and Ability • Solid interest in local matters.
• Ability and willingness to represent the Council and their community.
• Good interpersonal skills.
• Ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing.
• Ability and willingness to work closely with other members and to maintain good working relationships with all members and staff.
• Good reading and analytic skills.
• Ability and willingness to work with the council’s partners (e.g. voluntary groups, other parish councils, principal authority, charities).
• Ability and willingness to undertake relevant training.
• Experience of working in another public body or not for profit organisation
• Experience of working with voluntary and or local community/ interest groups.
• Basic knowledge of legal issues relating to town and parish councils or local authorities.
• Experience of working with the media.
• Experience in financial control/budgeting
• use of Word and email – essential
Ability and willingness to attend meetings of the council (or the meetings of other local authorities and local bodies) in the evening and events in the evening and at weekends.
• Flexible
• Enthusiastic.
The casual vacancy will be considered at the next Parish Meeting, 4th June 2019 @ 7.45pm, Stramshall Village Hall, Stramshall.
For more information please contact the Clerk by phone 01889 566393 or email if you are interested in the vacancy before the meeting.

Dementia Awareness Day – 25th May – 10am-4pm

Trent & Dove are supporting Dementia Awareness Week by hosting an informative event at our offices in Burton. The event is open to everyone and free to attend and we’d love to see you there.

The event will take place this Friday 24th May from 10am – 4pm.

We also have confirmation that Nigel Clough will be opening our event at 10am.

We will have a Virtual Dementia Tour bus which helps carers, colleagues and family members to truly understand that by making adjustments to the care provided can really start to improve the lives of people living with dementia. By walking in the shoes of a person with dementia, you can begin to understand the issues that they encounter everyday. You will experience being confused, isolated, lost, intimidated, vulnerable and much more.

The event will also play host to a range of support and advice groups, and health initiatives including:

* Firstcall 24/7
* Burton Albion Community Trust
* Everyone Health
* Diabetes UK
* Alzheimer’s
* Medequip
* Men in Sheds
* YMCA foodbank collection

Trent & Dove Housing | Trinity Square | Horninglow Street | Burton on Trent | Staffordshire | DE14 1BL

New Chairman and Vice Chair for the Parish Council

The Parish Council held its Annual Meeting on 14th May 2019 and a new Chairman and Vice Chairman were elected.

Mr Tom Ollerenshaw has accepted the role of Chairman and Mr Matt Slater has accepted the role of Vice Chairman.

The dates for the meetings in 2019 – 2020 were also set, see below. The meetings are held in Bramshall (B) and Stramshall(S), see addresses below:

4th June 2019(S)
2nd July 2019(B)
(August no meeting)
3rd September 2019(S)
1st October 2019(B)
5th November 2019(S)
3rd December 2019(B)
(January no meeting),
4th February 2020 (S),
3rd March 2020 (B),
7th April 2020 (S),
5th May 2020 (B)

Bramshall Meeting time is 7.45pm and the venue for meetings (B) is Church Room, The Church of St Lawrence, Church Lane, Bramshall, ST14 5BQ

Stramshall Meeting time is 7.45pm and the venue for meetings (S) is Stramshall Village Hall, Vicarage Drive, Stramshall, ST14 5DL

PCSO Sean Elliott to hold Key Engagement Day on the 18th May 2019

Dear Residents,

Just to let you know that PCSO Sean Elliott will be at the Olive Tree, High Street in Stramshall from 11am to 3pm on 18th May 2019 to answer any questions you have about Policing and Crime Prevention.

Please feel free to go along and meet him to discuss any issues you may have, he is happy to help where he can and will be able to guide you to other services, if needed.

Bus Route time change – route 841

D & G Bus, who operate the route 841 between Uttoxeter and Stafford have published a new timetable for their buses that not only changes the departure times but also no longer serves Great Haywood and Tixall because the buses now take a different route.

From 29 April 2019 departures from Bramshall to Stafford leave at:-

07.41, 09.31, 10.31 (via Kingstone), 11.31 (via Kingstone), 12.31, 13.31 (via Kingstone),14.31, 15.31 (via Kingstone), 16.41.and 17.31 (via Kingstone).

In the opposite direction buses leave Bramshall for Uttoxeter at:-

08.12, 09.42, 10.32, 11.42, 12.42, 13.42, 14.42, 16.32, 17.32 and 18.42.,

As mentioned above the bus route for the 841 has also been changed; after Hixon Bank House the bus makes its way along New Road to join the A51 road (northbound). At Weston Cross Roads, all buses turn left and climb Weston Bank, as far as Weston Hall where three services turn right and travel through Salt and Hopton to rejoin the A518 at the Staffordshire Showground before continuing towards Stafford. Other services travel along the A518, past the Showground en route to Stafford.


  1. During the Weston Road (Stafford) Academy HOLIDAY dates the 14.55 service from Stafford Pitcher Bank to Uttoxeter, after leaving Stowe-by-Chartley at 15.31 this bus runs directly along the A518 Stafford Road to Uttoxeter Bus Station, arriving there at 15.44. This service does NOT run via Bramshall.

2. During Weston Road (Stafford) Academy TERM dates the 14.55 departure from Stafford Pitcher Bank to Uttoxeter, after leaving Stowe-by-Chartley at 15.47 this bus runs directly along the A518 Stafford Road to Uttoxeter Bus Station, arriving there at 16.00. This service does NOT run via Bramshall.

Passengers for Bramshall are recommended to travel on the 15.55 bus from Stafford which arrives in Bramshall at 16.32.