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BAME community and Covid 19 – Government Report

Dear Residents

Staffordshire County Council have updated the Parish Council on the following:

Following the publication of further stakeholder insight into the impact on BAME communities, we are continuing to work with NHS and Public Health England on what this may mean for our communities here in Staffordshire.

The report, submitted by Public Health England, has gathered insights from more than 4,000 people representing BAME communities and highlights that work still needs to be done to ensure that people from these groups are not disproportionately affected by the virus.

On suggestions for change, the stakeholders engaged have called for further work on the socio-economic, occupational, cultural and structural factors (including racism, discrimination and stigma) influencing COVID-19 outcomes in BAME groups, both within and outside the health sector.

It includes a series of recommendations including on research and data, policy change and improvements to communications, particularly around public messaging campaigns.

The link to the report is below: