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Bramshall history

Page from the Domesday book

  • Hundred: Totmonslow
  • County: Staffordshire
  • Total population: 7 households (quite small).
  • Total tax assessed: 0.3 geld units (very small).
  • Taxable units: Taxable value 0.3 geld units.
  • Value: Value to lord in 1086 £1.
  • Households: 4 villagers. 1 smallholder. 2 slaves.
  • Ploughland: 3 ploughlands (land for). 1 lord’s plough teams. 1 men’s plough teams.
  • Other resources: Woodland 0.5 league * 4 furlongs mixed measures.
  • Lord in 1066: Wulfgeat of Madeley.
  • Lord in 1086: Bagot.
  • Tenant-in-chief in 1086: Robert of Stafford.
  • Phillimore reference: 11,38

Excerpt from the first free online copy of Domesday Book

“Bramshall, or Bromshall, a small village, on the north bank of a little rivulet, two miles W of Uttoxeter, has a station on the North Staffordshire Railway. Its parish includes the hamlet of Dagdale, on a declivity, half a mile N of the church, and contains 170 inhabitants and about 1300 acres of land. Lord Willoughby-de-Broke is the principal land owner, lord of the manor, and patron of the rectory.

The south side of the village, called Little Bromshall, is in Uttoxeter parish.”

[From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851]


The population of Bramshall parish was as follows:

1831 — 170
1841 — 170

Church History

“Bramshall Parish Church, St Lawrence, is a small structure, which was erected on the site of the old one in 1834. The rectory is in the incumbency of the Rev CJ Pinfold.”

[From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851]

Church Records

Church of England Registers

The parish register of the parish church of St Lawrence commences in 1587. The original registers for the period 1587-1927 (Bapts), 1587-1996 (Mar) & 1587-1940 (Bur) are deposited at Staffordshire Record Office. Bishops Transcripts, 1673-1889 (with gaps 1685-90, 1758-62 & 1766-73) are deposited at Lichfield Record Office.

Poorhouses, Poor Law etc

The parish became part of Uttoxeter Union following the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834.