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Consultation- Staffordshire’s Economic and Rural Growth Strategies – deadline 30th May 2022

Dear Residents

We have been provided with the following information:

The draft Economic Strategy

Strategic Aim – Everyone in Staffordshire will have access to more good jobs and share the benefits of economic growth.

Our proposed actions, working with our partners, to realise this ambition:

  • Work with our partners to regenerate town centres
  • Support people to start and grow their business
  • Develop those investment-ready projects that will be vital to the future of the county
  • Enable people to benefit from better paid, local jobs
  • Develop our A50/A500 and A38 strategic corridors to enable businesses in Staffordshire to innovate and grow, as part of the wider West Midlands Region
  • Put climate change at the heart of all we do, including supporting businesses on their journey to Net Zero.

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The draft Rural Economic Strategy

The county council’s draft rural economic strategy responds to the opportunities and barriers facing the rural economy.   It recognises the significance of our county’s rural areas to the overall economy and the wider region, and is therefore is a priority for the proposed Economic Strategy.  The Rural strategy has been prepared with the support of external experts and key stakeholders.

Priorities are to:

  • Stimulate enterprise and innovation to increase productivity, competitiveness and resilience across the rural economy
  • Support sustainable intensification (SI) in agriculture, while also creating environmental and social benefits
  • Recover and grow the visitor economy including ‘green tourism’
  • Improve rural digital connectivity and access to opportunities for rural businesses and develop digital and low-carbon energy infrastructure
  • Regenerate the give Rural Hub Towns (Leek, Cheadle, Stone, Uttoxeter and Rugeley) to unlock investment opportunities with skills provision and climate change as important considerations underpinning the five priorities.

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