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Coronavirus – Update from Staffordshire County Council

Residents urged to take responsibility

People are being urged to act now and follow Government advice as the coronavirus crisis tightens its grip on the country.

This week an estimated 20,000 super-vulnerable residents in Staffordshire, such as those who have had organ transplants or some cancers, will receive a letter from the NHS telling them to stay at home and shield themselves from physical contact with the outside world.

Philip Atkins, Leader of Staffordshire County Council, said: “People’s lives depend on all of us following the advice – especially for the super-vulnerable, over-70s, those who are pregnant and people with underlying heath conditions.

“Please stay at home wherever possible and let the world come to you: work from home wherever possible and if you have to go out do avoid gatherings in public places.

“Finally, do stay in touch with family and friends – but only by phone and online here possible.

“We have an opportunity to act now to try and slow down the momentum and it is an opportunity we must all seize.”

Those most at risk should not go out for 12 weeks and will be given essential supplies if they don’t have a support system of their own. General health advice can be found on the NHS website –

The key priority for the county council remains to keep the vulnerable adults and children in our communities safe in the coming weeks.

To help tackle the growing crisis council staff will be deployed to new roles to ensure support for front line care services is maintained – and more than 450 have already signed up.

The authority is also promoting its Coronavirus Kindness campaign – offering ideas how communities can organise at a grassroots level to do practical things such as collect medicines, connect safely with people living alone and support existing local voluntary groups.

More information is available at .

Philip Atkins added: “We are working round the clock to try and keep people safe and we need everyone to work together for the common good.

“If people want to make a difference and help others please follow the advice and remember washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds is still the most effective way of stopping the spread of the virus.”