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COVID-19 Recovery Fund

COVID-19 Recovery Fund

We’re all in the fight against Coronavirus together, and brilliant work has been
happening right across Staffordshire to help people stay safe and well.
A huge, co-ordinated effort across community and voluntary groups across our
county is still making a huge difference to isolated and vulnerable people, and those
in most need of help. Local people are also stepping up to put projects together
make a difference.

Now, as lockdown starts to lift and we all adapt to the ‘new normal’, the new Covid19 Recovery Fund has been set up to help get community organisations back on their
feet. It’s rapid, flexible funding to support communities to do their bit and to make
sure that the voluntary sector continues to thrive now and as we emerge from the

Each county councillor has another £2,000 to support community groups in their
area to be resilient, safe and connected. No match funding is required.

Funding is available for:
• Projects about community recovery, to help get activity
going again or adapt to the ‘new normal’
• Existing volunteer/community groups who need
support to keep going
• Support to keep helping people get through the crisis

Click on the link below for details