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Emergency Food Parcels – 1000 delivered by Staffordshire County Council

Dear Residents,

Emergency Food Parcels

· Today, 23rd April 2020,  Staffordshire County Council delivered the 1,000th emergency food parcel to a vulnerable household without support.

· The parcels contain items such as tinned vegetables, meat, fish and fruit, baked beans, tea and coffee, sugar, rice, pasta, cereals, and porridge as well as toilet rolls, and long-life milk.

· Vulnerable people who must stay indoors should look for support from family and friends, neighbours, or from local community groups, but if someone has no-one to turn to, they can contact the county council on 0300 111 8050 or  visit the County website and complete the form.

· People classed as extremely vulnerable, including those who have had organ transplants, have certain cancers, or severe respiratory conditions, who have no support should be receiving help direct from central Government after receiving a letter from the NHS. If someone who is extremely vulnerable has no support and has not yet asked for help they should follow the instructions in the NHS letter.