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Family Hubs – how to contact them

Dear Residents

Staffordshire County Council have provided the following information about Family Hubs.

New Family Hubs:
Coronavirus has changed the way families live, work and learn.
We know that it’s made life harder for local people to keep their families happy, healthy and safe. That’s why we’ve created eight new hubs of help.
The eight Family Hubs are virtual spaces where local people can find information, advice and guidance, as well as connect with others in their area.
The hubs will answer questions, help families find support and share ideas for coping with the changes coronavirus is making to our lives.

Ways to connect with your Family Hub
You can connect with us on Facebook, by phone, text and email.
Look at the table below for our contact details.

Family Hub contact info

07711 349553
07570 820173
07794 175467
South Staffordshire
07966 395431
07581 212713
07977 222869
Staffordshire Moorlands
07580 324487
East Staffordshire
07704 798133