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John German donate £400 to Defib project

The Uttoxeter branch of John German Estate Agents, has kindly donated £400 towards the Defibrillator Project that Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council has initiated. As local residents of Bramshall and Stramshall, Matt Slater, Branch Manager and James Morgan, Director explained, “We are very committed to community projects and when approached by the Parish Clerk to make a donation, we did not hesitate to pledge our support”.

John German Estate Agents and Chartered Surveyors have been working tirelessly for over 175 years to ensure that moving house in the midlands is straightforward and professionally managed. Their long history of helping residents ensures they are aware of all the communities needs and were delighted by the approach from Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council to become involved in this life saving equipment campaign.

The two Defibrillators will be located at Stramshall and Bramshall Village Halls, which are at the heart of the villages and as John German has handled many of the sales in these villages, they felt they were giving something extra to their customers.

Cllr Jean Pattinson-Evans, Chair of the Parish Council, who received the donation from Matt Slater said, “John German has been extremely generous to the Parish Council with this £400 donation and has ensured this community project will become a reality sooner than we thought, the Parish Councillors are grateful to John German for their kind support and commitment to the residents of our parish”.

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