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Kindness Fund – Staffordshire County Council

Dear Residents,

We have received the following from Staffordshire County Council.

COVID-19 Support Fund

We’re all in the fight against Coronavirus together, and brilliant work is happening right across Staffordshire to help people stay safe and well. Local people are stepping up to put projects together that make a difference and help people around them.

Now financial help is available to ensure that communities are resilient, connected and safe during this crisis. This is rapid, flexible funding to support communities to do their bit and to make sure that the voluntary sector continues to thrive now and after the crisis.

Each county councillor has £2,500 to support community groups in their area to be resilient, safe and connected. No match funding is required.

Funding is available for:
1. New support to help people get through the crisis
2. Existing volunteer/community groups who need support to keep going

For more information and to apply, see the Staffordshire County Council website: