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Litter Picking in the Parish – details of help available

Litter Picking in the Parish 


Dear Residents

Have you started a litter picking group, if so, did you know that both East Staffordshire Borough Council and The Eco Centre, Uttoxeter, can support your litter picking efforts.

Please contact East Staffordshire Borough Council – Community and Civil Enforcement Team – who state on their website: “Our role at East Staffordshire Borough Council is to make communities safer, cleaner, and greener places for all to enjoy. To achieve this we work directly with communities to deal with issues such as Dog Fouling and Littering” –  please visit their website  or email them directly using

In Uttoxeter The Eco Centre – are able to support your group with equipment and training to ensure you are safe when out litter picking. They have provided to be a great help and support to keep the Parish litter free.

If you would like any litter bins installing within the Parish, the Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council has the power to provide these. Any litter bin requests will be considered by the Parish Council and all you have to do is send an email with the location and nearest postcode to the Clerk –

The Parish Council would like to thank all the residents for their efforts with litter, it is much appreciated.