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Local Covid 19 outbreak plan – Staffordshire County Council

Dear Residents

Staffordshire County Council have provided the following for your information – dated 06.07.2020

Local Outbreak Control Plan:


Staffordshire’s Local Outbreak Control Plan has now been published

We continue to monitor and map reported cases, so we can quickly identify any local outbreaks or clusters of cases in the community.

Following the announcement of a lockdown in parts of Leicester, we have taken a number of calls from the media speculating on a lockdown in Staffordshire.

The issue in Leicester related to the council not having access to Pillar 2 data, which are tests in the community.

We are monitoring this data daily and (currently) have no areas of significant concern.

As of yesterday, figures showed for example that Leicester had a total or 3,673 cases – a rate of 1,034 per 100,000 head of population. Staffordshire had 3,624 a rate of 414.1 per 100,000 people – so not in the higher bracket.

Obviously good intelligence is key, but we are also reliant on the people of Staffordshire sticking to the rules on hygiene, social distancing and self-isolating if contacted by NHS Test & Trace.

See the County website for updates: