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Loxley Junction Redesign- Parish Council update

Dear Residents

Please see the below press release – 14.04.2023:

Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council is pleased to announce the next stage of the Loxley Junction redesign.

Residents of both Uttoxeter Rural and Kingstone Parish Councils asked for the Parish Councils to work with Staffordshire County Council to ensure the junction was redesigned due to numerous accidents, some fatal, over the years.

The Parish Councils have been advised that engineering designs are now moving forward and Staffordshire County Council has marked out land required to redesign the area. Landowners are liaising with the County Council on the requirements needed.

Both Parish Councils have agreed to contribute to the scheme, using their legal power to contribute to Highways schemes and Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council agreed in their April 2023 for the Clerk to start the application process to the Public Loan office for £35,860 in order to be able to ensure these works can be carried out. Staffordshire County Council and Kingstone Parish Council will both contribute the remaining funds, which as yet are unknown.

Uttoxeter Rural Chairman, Cllr David Brookes and Kingstone Chairman, Cllr Jayne Bellenie are grateful to the residents’ and landowners of their respective parishes for the support they have shown during this consultation and are both looking forward to the scheme being delivered at the earliest opportunity.