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New web pages launched

Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council is pleased to announce the arrival of new web pages. The previous web pages had served the parish very well for many years. However, as the result of changes in both requirements and technology, our web pages needed an update.

Since the introduction of the new “Transparency Code”, local councils have been under increasing pressure to make more information available to voters and to do this in ways that are as accessible as possible. The new web pages provide a better foundation for the Parish Council to publish more documents on-line where interested members of the community can find them.

Now that the majority of web access is conducted using mobile devices rather than computers, content needs to be formatted differently for each viewing medium. These latest changes allow us to vary the presentation style and we hope that will make our information easier to access.

If you have any comments or questions about our new pages, you can use the feedback form to get in touch.