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Prime Minister address and Cllr Atkins update 10.05.2020

COVID19 update following on from the address given by the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Boris Johnson MP yesterday.

The full text of the Prime Minister address and the address itself can be views here.

The main points made by Mr Johnson were:

People should: Still stay at home as much as possible, work from home if they can, follow the 2m social distancing rule, limit social contact, wash their hands regularly, self-isolate if they or a member of their household shows symptoms.

Those who can’t work from home are being actively encouraged to return to work from tomorrow, but not by public transport

People can exercise more than once a day and play sport – but only with own households.

From June 1 some shops and primary schools may reopen

From July at the earliest some hospitality venues may reopen

Cllr Atkins OBE The Leader of Staffordshire County Council confirmed: The county council will now work with residents, businesses, partners and staff to align the roadmap with its own recovery planning once more detailed information is available.

Cllr Philip Atkins OBE said: “From the outset, we have said we will do everything it takes to saves lives, protect the most vulnerable and support our frontline care workers here in Staffordshire and our communities have been amazing in helping us do this.

“As a county council, we have recognised the need to restart our economy with the launch of our Back to Business campaign and we have been planning for how this council will support the county to recover for several weeks.

“It is hugely important for businesses to open their doors, people to get back to work and education and communities and services to rebuild, but this has to be when it is safe to do so and at the right pace.

“Over the coming weeks and months we will all be treading a very fine line as we gradually reopen this county and this country. This is absolutely not a green light for everyone and everything to go back to as we were before the pandemic.

“The challenge now is to build on what we have done so far. This means keep washing your hands regularly, social distancing and working from home if you can, so we continue to do everything we can to avoid a second and potentially more deadly peak in cases.”

The challenges and the risk remains huge, but just as we have done in the last few weeks, we will get through this together and rebuild a vibrant county with a flourishing economy for us all once again to benefit from and share in.”