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Recruitment of Independent volunteer Advisors to Staffordshire Police

The Parish Council has just received this request from Staffordshire Police, please use the contact details below if you are interested.

Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) have been used by forces for over a decade. It is a volunteer role and the purpose of an IAG is to help us to build insight into the needs, wants and assets of the groups who are under-represented in our normal decision making processes. We use this insight to shape our service for the benefit of communities and engender trust and confidence. IAGs enable us to create a genuine partnership with communities and they are independent only in relation to their views.

We are continuing to challenge ourselves and provide an even better, more informed service to communities and thus we are recruiting for a new wave of Independent Advisory Group (IAG) members. The force is recruiting up to 12 residents of Staffordshire, aged 16 and above. These volunteers will provide the force with a critical appraisal of force policies and procedures, the police support to communities following a critical incident and offer an insight into the wants and needs of communities across the entire county. In effect because they come with different insights and a different perspective they are able to tell us what we may have missed and challenge thinking.

I would be grateful if you could share this with local groups and passionate individuals that could articulate the views of their community. There are fantastic opportunities to make a real difference and to enhance the experience and employability of anyone involved. Our only requirements are that they are 16 and over and that they are not already working or volunteering in the police or court system.

Anyone interested should contact

Thank you in advance for your support, working together we can hopefully give every community in Staffordshire the chance to have their voice heard.

Best regards
Jenny Sims
Assistant Chief Constable