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Share your experience of accessing your GP surgery

Dear Residents

Between September 2020 and November 2020, Healthwatch Staffordshire and Healthwatch Stoke-on-Trent each completed a Public Experience of Primary Care mini callout due to the number of people telling us that they were having issues accessing services at their GP Practice. People shared both positive and negative stories and as a result we have decided to look into patient experience of primary care during the pandemic in more detail to inform commissioners and providers about what does and doesn’t work for you and what could be better.


The survey asks members of the public about their experiences of accessing primary care services in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. Moreover, there is also a focus on waiting times, satisfaction of treatment and care and opportunity to engage with a relevant health professional.


It is essential that primary care services remain well informed of all ranging public experiences to demonstrate a compassionate and rational understanding of real time barriers, challenges and themed feedback opinions of accessing primary care. Successively, primary care services can continue to strive to meet patient needs through responsive and reactive shared community  intelligence.


Considering this, we are calling out to residents of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent to share their feedback experiences of accessing primary care services. Feedback items could include, small or large, positive or negative outcomes around:


  1. Successfully accessing an appointment
  2. Accessing digital appointments
  3. Failed attempts to access an appointment
  4. Obtaining appointments with suitable health professionals
  5. Barriers that prevented you accessing primary care
  6. Waiting times and delays
  7. Communications

    Please use the link to complete the survey.