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Stramshall Traffic Calming – Draft Plans – Please comment

Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council –



Dear Residents,

Staffordshire County Council have provided the Parish Council with a Draft Plan for a Traffic Calming scheme in Stramshall.

Please review the draft plan see attachment below and it is also within the Noticeboard, Stramshall Village Green and send your comments/suggestions to the Clerk – or by post to Parish Clerk, 6 Alexandra Crescent, Uttoxeter, ST14 7LQ by 1st June 2022

The Councillors will discuss the plans, including all comments, in the next meeting, 7th June 2022 at 7.30pm – Wilfred House, 37 Carter Street, Uttoxeter, ST14 8EY and you are welcome to attend.

The Council will then submit comments to Staffordshire County Council and discuss further in future meetings.

Please remember that PUBLIC PARTICIPATION is an item of every Agenda and you are encouraged to attend Parish Council meetings and the following is a guide for your participation.

The Agenda item, Public Participation, allows 15 minutes of each Parish Council Meeting, for members of the public to make representations or give evidence in connection with items included on the agenda.  Each representation must be a maximum of 3 minutes. At the discretion of the Chairperson, the meeting may be adjourned to give members of the public present an opportunity to raise other matters of public interest.

The Parish Council looks forward to receiving your comments by 1st June 2022

Kind regards

Cllr David Brookes, Chairman, Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council

Stramshall Traffic Calming SCC Design – 03.05.2022 Consultation Plan DRAFT