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Stramshall Village has a Micro Library

The residents of Stramshall are enjoying a new facility in the village, a micro library, which has been created inside a BT telephone box, that is located on the village green along the high street in Stramshall.

Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council adopted the red telephone box in the village for £1 from BT, when the decommissioning of telephone boxes happened and the villagers suggested a micro library.
Two residents, who wish to remain anonymous, kindly donated their time and skills to create shelving for books, and the books are being donated by all the villagers to share.
The rules of the library are displayed within the telephone box and include, “you don’t need to be quiet”, which is unique rule for a library. All the residents are encouraged to donate books and borrow books and return them in their own time.
Cllr David Oulsnam and Cllr Tom Ollerenshaw who started the project by painting the telephone box just after the Parish Council adopted it and commented, “We are thrilled that this village resource has been created by the two residents who created the shelving and are glad that residents are enjoying it so much”

On the white board inside the box, where residents are encouraged to write comments/suggestions for the library, a young resident has written, “Thank You”, which says it all.