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University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust – New Arrangements

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust – New Arrangements

· UHDB are implementing new arrangements to support families during the outbreak in conjunction with Public Health England (PHE).

· We will check with other Trusts that provide services to the residents of Staffordshire to understand if similar arrangements are being put into place across the region.

· Further updates will be provided as any new arrangements are put into place.

End of Life Care
Visiting is limited to one visitor and in accord with the patient’s wishes, with those visiting wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Our Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) will provide support if family members are unable to visit via phone or virtual communication (for example, Skype, WhatsApp) and will also act as a patient-family intermediary to exchange messages/letters etc.
One birth partner in PPE will be allowed to accompany if the mum-to-be isn’t suspected or positive with Covid-19, though this partner needs to be the same person throughout the birth.
Women who are attending for a planned caesarean section can be accompanied by their birth partner to the ward and can be present in Theatre during the operation.
The birth partner will be asked to wear a surgical face mask and adhere to infection prevention and control measures during this time.
The birth partner will be supported to stay with mother and baby in the recovery area on labour ward prior to transfer to the postnatal ward.
Once on the postnatal ward we would ask that the birth partner returns home.
We can’t allow birth partners or visitors to the maternity ward or attend Pregnancy Assessment Unit/Maternity assessment Unit or antenatal clinics (all settings).
If being induced, the birth partner can attend the initial admission and then home while awaiting labour.

Visiting is limited to one parent per day, who may choose to stay all day or for a short period of time, but there should be no swopping or return in same day.
One parent is allowed to visit Neonatal Intensive Care, but we are currently awaiting guidance form the neonatal network to understand whether this can be increased to two parents.

Chaplaincy & Bereavement Services
Further to the visiting restrictions in place, we are also providing chaplaincy and bereavement support for patients and their families of all faiths and none.