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Volunteering in Libraries – information from Staffordshire County Council

Make a difference in 2019 by volunteering at your local library

The New Year is often a time when we reflect on what we have been doing, need to do in the future and a time to think about doing something different. It could be that this year you want to try something new, or perhaps give back to the community.

With this in mind, you might want to consider volunteering in your local library. Not only is it a great way of helping your local community, it’s also a chance to explore your interests and put your experience to good use, meet new people, learn new skills, and all while giving you that sense of giving back.

We all take for granted how libraries are a vital part of every community. Besides being a treasure trove of great literature and resources, they are a safe space for everyone to enjoy. Everyone can benefit from the services our libraries provide.

We already have over 800 volunteers helping out in our libraries, all playing an important role and doing lots of different things. We’re always grateful for their time and support and when I meet them they tell me they enjoy the opportunity and the work they do is incredibly rewarding.
So if you fancy delivering books to some of Staffordshire Libraries housebound customers, volunteering in one of Staffordshire’s twenty Community Managed Libraries, helping to organise community events and activities, or supporting staff in Staffordshire’s County Managed Libraries then there will be an opportunity waiting for you.

All necessary training will be given! Please get in touch or ask about opportunities in your local library.