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East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Draft Housing Choice Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) – August 2022

Dear Residents

ESBC (East Staffordshire Borough Council) has provided the following information:

Draft Housing Choice Supplementary Planning
Document consultation August 2022 – comments by 10th October 2022

East Staffordshire Borough Council’s (ESBC’s) revised Draft Housing Choice
Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) 2022 is now open for comments
from residents, businesses, organisations and others.

The Housing Choice SPD is an important part of the guidance framework for
the ESBC Local Plan. It describes how planning policy is to be applied in
different circumstances when making planning decisions for housing.

ESBC already has an adopted Housing Choice SPD (2019) but this revised
version includes updates to reflect new government policy such as First
Homes, how housing applications will be dealt with in Designated Rural Areas,
how applications for small houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) in Burton on
Trent will be assessed, and a number of other changes.

This updated document should be read as a whole, but some of the critical
changes have been highlighted for convenience.

The SPD cannot introduce new policy, but it can help to define how existing
policies in the Local Plan will be interpreted in the light of changing
government policy and East Staffordshire declaring both a climate change and
nature recovery emergency over the past year.

The consultation on the Draft SPD will run for six weeks from 9am Friday 26th
August 2022 to 5pm Monday 10th October 2022

Please make any comments to:

The Draft Housing Choice SPD (2022) can be viewed at:

A copy of the Draft SPD can be viewed by appointment at East Staffordshire
Borough Council, The Town Hall, King Edward Place, Burton upon Trent,
DE14 2EB between the hours of 10am – 3pm.

Appointments must be made before visiting by emailing or by phone on
01283 508 000

A copy of the Draft SPD has also been made available to the library at Burton
upon Trent and Uttoxeter for public viewing.